About me

Hi! My name is Connie! Welcome to my world!

I am 50 years old, and breast cancer survivor (since 2012 YAY ME!), a happily married wife to Tom, and a busy mom of 4! My son is 31, married and has 2 daughters! I also have 11 year old twin girls (heaven help me) and a 7 year old girl!

I am a girl scout leader, area troop organizer and product specialist (you know, all those yummy cookies? Yep, that’s my job!)

I love to sew, quilting is my thing right now but I have done clothing, costumes and lots of other things that people have asked me to make! I love crafts and so my daughters. Our dining room is a crafting area. My sewing machine sits there and all of us girls sit at the table for long stretches at a time, doing different things and having the best conversations. I have found that busy hands creates great talk time!