I just wanted to show off a little…..

Hi! Want to know what I do with my spare time? I love to sew! I really love to quilt right now!

Here are some that I have made by request for other people!

Applique baby quilt                           Dream Catcher                      Memories out of baby clothes

with names                                                                                             for brother and sister

appliquewater dream catcher jensquilt


T-shirt quilt made out                          memory quilt


Hockey Jersey shirts                            with photos

jerseyquilt memory

x’s and o’s


Sailboat baby quilt                                              Scent of a Lilac

sailboats scent of a lilac

Scrappy Quilt                                                          Another Scrappy quilt                                      Raggady flannel

scrappy scrappytwist urlings

Baby quilt for boy/girl twins


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2 Thoughts to “I just wanted to show off a little…..”

  1. Carolee

    And if I can figure out how to post a picture of the one you made me that I 💘!

    1. cjgreene159@aol.com

      Which one was it? I should have a pic somewhere!

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