I have the best Christmas gift idea EVER!!!!

The ever changing wall clock! You can change the clock with every season and every holiday!


I am a sewist and quilter. My sewing machines sit in the dining room and while I am sewing, I need to keep track of the time so I have a clock on the wall, like most other people in the world. I decided a couple of years to take that clock down while decorating for the holidays to put up a wreath and a few other things that sat on the shelf that was on that wall. It drove me CRAZY! I kept looking up to see what time it was and my clock was gone! I didn’t want to take the decorations down, it was Christmas time!

Then an idea hit me! I want a clock that changes with the holidays that way I could leave it up but have something festive to look at too!

I went online in search of this clock. Can you believe it does NOT exist? Nothing, no where! So what’s a crafty mom to do? That’s right, MAKE ONE and so I did and here it is! I also saved my money from quilting to pay for a patent on it so this idea is ALL mine!

It’s an ever changing wall clock. It comes with 12 panels, one for every month. I added a wedding panel to mine and put it up in January (at least Tom now gets the anniversary month right!) AND I added a page that can be colored with markers for Mother’s Day. Use Dry erase markers and it can be colored every year!

It’s super simple to change out too! Simply remove the back by pulling the panel up and grab the clock mechanism and pull out. You then put the hour/minute hand down to the 6 and  carefully slip the panel off (you will see the slit when you put the hands down) and slide on a new one! Re-position the time and put it back together!

At $47.50 it’s a great gift for Christmas, weddings, anything! I do charge an additional $3 per panel if you want them personalized with pictures. Sending high quality photos via email work great or of course, you can mail them. Facebook photos are not high enough quality to print.

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