It’s the most wonderful time of the year………and here come those fundraisers we all dread

You thought I was going to say Back to school, didn’t you? Well there is that too but it’s GIRL SCOUT TIME!!!!

I am SOOOOO excited! This year my twins will be Cadettes and bug will be a Brownie! I am chomping at the bit to get this year rolling, but because Girl Scouts are GIRL led, I can’t make plans yet!

My Cadettes will be taking (almost) full charge of what our year is going to look like and will be taking turns in planning meetings, taking charge of the checkbook and deciding what we do! They all earned their bronze award last year and this year I have already heard they want to earn their silver award!

The Brownies will be an all new troop with my 2nd grader so lots of new faces and personalities! Last year I had such fun with that age group! I can’t wait to meet them and see where we go.

Our first fundraiser is about to begin too. Just like the schools and athletes, Girl Scouts need seed money to get up and running. We use that money for field trips, badges, uniforms, and supplies. So when you are approached, don’t roll your eyes! It’s hard enough to do as is with everyone wanting money for things we may or may not want. These kids are looking to you to help them have a great start to their year of growing, learning and exploring. If you don’t want to buy anything, a donation can go a long way!!!



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