Sewing is my passion! What is yours?


I am a self taught sewist and quilter. I have been sewing for about 6 years and quilting for 4.

I’ve also learned to crochet but I am NOT by any means a pro! A beginner at best and I can’t follow a pattern at all! (I don’t really follow patterns for sewing either, I guess I’m just a wing it kind of gal!

I have done fairly well for myself and wanted to share some of what I have done! I am hoping to do tutorials on future quilts and maybe even more things later!

quilting scent-of-a-lilac scrappy-twist memory-hockey-shirts memory-with-pic moms-quilt

I’ve also  make American Girl outfits for my daughters and have made them for others around the holidays!

ag-wedding dress-out-of-newborn-clothes pink-jacket-and-jeanspajamas  winter-coat-ensemble

As you can guess, I have to get my hands into everything! I even tried hairbows and headbands but my daughters weren’t that into wearing them and I ended up with more than I knew what to do with so gave that up!

I really want to share my sewing skills with you and hopefully pass some tips that I have learned along the way so stay tuned!!!


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2 Thoughts to “Sewing is my passion! What is yours?”

  1. Rebecca Trammell

    Lovely work Connie – I took sewing in high school but never had the time to sew until the last several years, so I really taught myself. I decided about seven years ago that I wanted to knit and had a coworker who helped me get started. I have made quite a few lap blankets and scarves but I have not learned to do the purl stitch and can’t follow a pattern at all. I am my own worst critic and that explains the number of projects I have completely ripped apart and restarted! I enjoy seeing your posts.

        Thank you so much Rebecca!!! That means a lot to me!

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