Tis the season! Back to school and the cold/flu season! UGH!

All 3 girls have been home for a day due to a really bad cold already (we started August 25)

Someday someone is going to invent a way to put fresh air into the schools, or germ diverting process to prevent this from happening over and over again! They missed about 20 days EACH last year! It was totally crazy!

I have been searching Pinterest and Facebook for ideas to deal with the season. So far, my favorite is Vicks Vapor Rub on the feet! The girls will NOT let me put it on their chest (who can blame them! ICK!) but putting on the feet with socks quiets their awful cough and allows them to sleep! I also will leave an open bottle on their tables close to their beds. They don’t complain “too much” about the smell and I think it helps for stuffy noses.

I’ve been looking for other ideas too because 2/3 girls refuse to take any kind of medication! (Why can’t my twins be alike in at least one way?!)

What has worked for your family? What doesn’t?

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