Frustrated with Fundraisers! Who is with me?


I am a dedicated Girl Scout leader of 3 troops and a mom of 3 school aged children and I am SO over all these fundraisers!

As soon as school starts, we are bombarded with flyers to sell “stuff” stupid stuff at that! Pizza cards? Discount cards? Candy you can buy in the store for 1/2 the price? Cheesecake slices? REALLY? Where does it end????
(And being a GS leader, every company in America is now making GS cookie flavored everything and that is killing our sales because it’s available all year round!)

There HAS to be another way! Oh I know – STOP MAKING BUDGET CUTS already!!!! Oh an even better idea? Next time we take our kids door to door selling this “stuff” make sure you hit up the houses of the people making these cuts! EVERY CHILD selling in America needs to knock on THOSE doors! Maybe they will quit?

There HAS to be a better way, there just HAS to be……………….

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