My Breast Cancer Journey…Moving On

When I first started what everyone called the “cancer journey” I immediately hated the term, cancer journey. A journey was a way to go somewhere you wanted to go,  not a year full of treatments and feeling so sick at times you thought you weren’t going to live through it! But you know, looking back, I was wrong. Through cancer, I found myself!

Before cancer, I was a stay at home mom on disability (since 2001) and I had settled into that roll, Sure, I had 3 little girls that kept me busy and I was a sewist/quilter and was perfectly happy living in my own world at home, mostly on Facebook. I just couldn’t get motivated to do much more than that and I didn’t care.

Being told I had cancer was a life changing thing. As I went through the motions of chemo and more surgeries than I care to remember, I realized  I needed to find something to do to keep my brain from becoming more mush than it already was due to chemo. I had to find something to concentrate on. I went back to sewing, a little at a time because chemo brain is real and concentrating long terms just wasn’t happening! So I did things like make 18″ doll clothes like this and many others. They were quick and (almost) instant gratification!

I started to feel like a living human being again. I started doing online word puzzles (like Words with Friends ) along with sewing when I could and it did wonders! My  mental retention started coming back to me. As long as I kept moving/doing I knew I was going to be ok.

Crafting is an amazing outlet and having that (almost) instant gratification of accomplishing something is a huge thing when you are struggling everywhere else and bonus? My kids loved all the stuff I made for them! I even made a little money here and there quilting!

As I started to come back to the land of living, I knew I wanted to do more than just exist as a wife and mom so I started networking with other moms and started doing craft shows and started meeting and making friends for the first time in a long time!

I have always said that as long as you learn from life experiences, you will never regret anything. I didn’t see cancer as a waste of a year (plus) I learned from it and am continuing to learn and pass on what I experienced then and since then.





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