Happy New Year and my 5th year “Cancerversary”

Cancer changes you.

I heard that when I first started going through it and I said no, that wouldn’t happen. I was just going to go through the motions and get through it and get back to my life the way it was. I swore if I heard one more person refer to it as the breast cancer journey, I was going to come unglued! It wasn’t a journey! I journey had a destination, one you wanted to get to. I just wanted to live to see the end of it and go right back to my quiet mouse like housewife and mom life that I knew.

Guess what? Cancer changed me and in so many ways! I look back now and think, had it not been for that journey, I wouldn’t be who I am now and I really like that person!!! I wouldn’t be here, talking to you! I wouldn’t be mentoring girls in Girl Scouts, I wouldn’t be a para professional in school!

Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? As you know, I am always in the schools volunteering, doing anything I can to make teacher’s jobs easier and being able to spend time with kids! So much so, that I was approached to work there! Hey, why not get paid for being there right?! So I accepted a job as a para professional! I work with special needs kids on a one to one basis, helping them learn social/coping schools in a general classroom setting.

Talk about loving your job? There is no better job than this!!!! I was diagnosed with bipolar way back before it was a “thing”. (1999) and had 7 years of talk therapy to learn socially accepted coping skills (along with 5 billion medication changes!) and am very happy to be able to pass what I learned along to someone else! (Oh and I’ve been on the same medication for 15 years now and it’s amazing! But that’s another story to share another day)

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